Salary Insights

AICPA Salary Insights UI

The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants is the most influential body of professional accountants, and represents 650,000 members and students.


Each year AICPA send out a survey to their students and members—spread across 25 countries. This generates useful stats and insights about salary expectations, career progression and job satisfaction. The aim of the project was to present the insights in an engaging and informative way.


At the heart of our design thinking was ‘relevance’. We worked towards a way to learn more about the person using the tool, to present insights with more meaning. AICPA’s existing style guide features lots of bold colours and simple iconography, which were perfectly suited to infographics.


  • Responsive UI
  • Custom Feedback component
  • Localisation optimisations for UK and US audiences
  • Built with React, Sass, Node, Mongo
  • Event tracking with weekly Reports