Planning app for teachers Planning app for teachers UI

LassoPlan offers teachers a simple place to plan lessons and organise their resources, with the aim of reducing stress and freeing up some time.


We wanted to help teachers. With 20–30 lessons to prepare for each week, the lesson planning workflow seemed like the best area to focus on to try and make teacher’s live a little bit easier.


The product has four main features; Planner - teachers set up their timetable and add term/semester dates. Lessons - teachers write and schedule lesson plans, and set homework. Resources - teachers upload and attach images, links and videos to make their lessons more engaging. Notes - a place to keep ideas and reminders.


  • Responsive Web app
  • Built with Backbone.js, Ruby on Rails, and MongoDB
  • Stripe integration for subscription payments
  • Internationalisation for UK, US and Australian audiences
  • Intercom for Customer Development