Your garage, online. Your garage, online. UI is a SaaS product that helps Independent garages setup an online presence, list their services and take customer bookings.


When your vehicle breaks down, getting it back on the road becomes the highest priority. Finding a reliable mechanic in your area can be a challenge. For a busy garage, the business website is often the last thing on their mind. Creating a site and bringing traffic to it is a lengthy task.


Garage owners can create a simple profile with their logo, services, location and contact details. Each garage is added to the Motofy directory, where customers are able to search the list to find their nearest mechanic. The app provides Garages with simple CRM features, enabling them to manage customer information.


  • Create, and update Garage profiles
  • Manage bookings and invoices
  • Directory with search and filters
  • Responsive UI built with Bootstrap
  • Powered by Laravel and PostgreSQL