Recycling Locator

Recycle Now Recycling Locator UI

Recycle Now promotes sustainable living through re-use and recycling. They work closely with the government and commercial partners to drive awareness at a national level.


There’s a growing number of places for consumers to dispose of their waste and unwanted items. It’s not always clear which items are accepted by each recycling point, or which one is closest.


We’ve worked with Recycle Now since 2015, to build and maintain a widget that can be embedded into partner websites. It helps users find out where they can recycle specific items, locate their nearest recycling centres, and learn what can be recycled at home.


  • Backbone.js based Javascript widget
  • Laravel and PostgreSQL backend
  • Integrates with multiple SOAP and JSON APIs
  • Admin and vendor areas for data management
  • Geolocation
  • Analytics and Event tracking
  • Embed instructions for vendors
  • API documentation for external developers