UX Developer

We’re hiring another technically-minded maker who is looking to apply their skills across UX and Front End development.

UK based, Remote-working

£30,000 to £40,000

Full-time, permanent

Listed 04/03/23
Applications closed

About the role

As a UX developer at Etch, you’ll be designing and scoping new apps and features, architecting design systems and building front-end components. If there’s an area that particularly interests you, you’ll have the freedom to dig in and become the team expert.

We’re primarily a JavaScript house. Node behind the scenes, React front and centre, SCSS/PostCSS for styling, and GraphQL gluing the two sides together. Working with a variety of enterprise clients, we also dabble in Angular, Web Components and Vue.

As a distributed team, we’re not always in the same place at the same time, therefore, great written communication is key – documentation and planning are part of the day-to-day.

To give you a sense of what you’ll be doing, here’s some work we’ve recently completed:

  • Created a React design system for a recycling charity.
  • Built and provided consultancy on a web component design system for a client in the insurance industry.
  • Architected and maintained a Vue design system for a pet insurance company.
  • Attended a UX conference in London.
  • Built a tool to help businesses recycle.
  • Created an eCommerce site for a pro audio manufacturer.
  • Created a site to help people find surrogate mothers.
  • Built a tool to help councils streamline recycling collections.
  • Build a tool to help accountants compare job roles.
  • Shipped the MVP for our new website.

About Etch

We work closely with our clients – each one with its own objectives and tech stack. This opens doors to multiple problem-spaces, in different industries, using a variety of technologies.

Our processes and tools can change to suit each client, but we take the same lean approach on every project – using our time and expertise to add the most value we can.

There are plenty of opportunities to be involved at every stage in a project, to expand your knowledge of how products take shape – from inception to execution.

We believe the best results are achieved when people are given the time to truly understand the problem they are solving.

Over the years, we’ve identified some key ingredients that enable our best work, whilst balancing a healthy lifestyle.

  • Think long-term – learn, refine, and improve products (think years, not months).
  • Great tools – use proven modern technology and frameworks. We’re not on the bleeding edge, but we’re not far behind!
  • Remote working – work from home, or anywhere in the UK with a solid internet connection.
  • Quarterly team meetups – regular face time to sync and reflect. We gather in a city (London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Amsterdam) for a few days of good food and shop talk.
  • Flexible hours – work around life, don’t live around work.
  • Quarterly profit shares – hard work pays off.
  • 4-day weeks in the summer – more sunshine and barbecues.
  • Paid sabbaticals – every five years, you get three months of leave to do whatever you want.

Application closed

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