Gav McKenzie

Gav McKenzie looking lovely



  • Heads up front-end architecture across all projects.
  • Co-ordinates team members during builds.
  • Optimises front-end performance.
  • Creates rapid prototypes.
  • Professional bug-fixer.
  • Makes things go whizz.


  • Writing code for the internet since he was 13.
  • Began professional career as a front-end developer in 2008.
  • Quickly rose to senior developer working on projects for brands such as: Admiral, Easyjet, Stella Artois and Smashing Magazine.
  • Joined Etch in 2012 as one of the original team members and became a Director in 2016.
  • Can still do a decent impression of a dial-up modem.


  • Outside of work Gavyn can be found training for powerlifting or hanging out with the team bulldog, Darcy.
  • If he’s not injured, you can often find him on a mountain in Europe, skateboarding downhill.
  • Bulldogs
  • Barbells
  • Beards (and t-shirts)
  • Breakfast
  • Beer
  • BBQ with a view

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